Private Office Coworking

Private Office


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$195 / set up fee

14 office suites available from 1-8 people.

Call us at 651-202-0440 or Contact Us via email for more information and availability.

We believe a community that evolves together becomes successful together. A private office and two outdoor work/social patios breathe creativity while allowing your mind to recharge

Fresh air, only a few steps away.

Every area in Wellworth has been carefully thought out to give you the perfect environment to thrive. So if you ever find yourself challenged with:

  • working from a coffee shop full of distractions;
  • having a pup who won’t let you work at home because she/he wants to play;
  • using the mute button on your phone all too often when your toddler lets out a shrill;

Then, take a step outside and breathe deep with us at Wellworth because where you work really does matter!

At Wellworth, we take pride in not just being another coworking space! We are a tightly-knit community of game changers, difference makers and industry influencers on a journey to make work better. At Wellworth we believe that “better” is a worthwhile destination and we aim to join and lead the journey to get there. We invite you to take the journey with us.



Private office

20 meeting room hours included

24/7 access

Meeting room discounts available

Gourmet coffee

1G Wifi

50 free B&W copies per month

Rooftop patio access

Business mailing address