The three-story F.W. Woolworth department store was hailed as a modern marvel when it opened at 428 Minnesota Street in 1955.

Shoppers enjoyed state-of-the-art amenities like air conditioning and escalators, and merchandise that included professional attire at everyday prices. For thirty-seven years, Woolworth’s was a fixture on the corner of Minnesota Street and 7th Place East. Times changed and Woolworth’s mid-century modern building eventually closed its doors in 1993.

For the past 25 years the building sat mostly vacant and deteriorating. In 2015 the long-term land lease expired giving the building owner the opportunity to forge a new direction. Fast forward to 2018, our base building, The 428 has reused the original building’s beams to anchor a future-forward approach to the modern work space including Wellworth’s coworking environment.

Wellworth, a hub for businesses from a myriad of industries, has an affinity for St. Paul and all that it offers. It's a workspace for business enthusiasts who desire to continually invigorate and inspire themselves and those around them.

We are strategically placed in the heart of downtown and purposefully aligned to support local ventures including yours. We believe a community that evolves together becomes successful together.

Wellworth is more than just a place to work, at its core, it is about a confluence of things that say, "you're worth it". We know we are the new kids on the block, so we had to be sure to share our "why us".

  • Wellworth inspires and fosters productivity through its environmentally-friendly design and purposeful attention to all things dedicated to contributing to your sound sense of well-being.
  • Our coworking atmosphere centers around its 2 outdoor work/social patios which are available year round should Mother Nature feel generous. Outdoor spaces of any kind have scientifically been proven to spark creativity, while also allowing the mind to recharge.

This conscious intention in tandem with our host wellness amenities and healthy alternatives available to you as you go about doing what you do, allow you to flourish and prosper as you create.