The Language of Marketing | What Are You Talking About?

This event is for leaders, team members, investors, and anyone that wants a well rounded understanding of marketing. Learn some of the key concepts and industry lingo around marketing in today's connected economy. How to speak intelligently about the efforts that marketers engage with so you know what's going on, what's possible, how to get feedback, and how to build buy-in.


  • Marketing Basics

Let's talk about the 3 C's, the 4 P's, MQL's, and MA

  • Understanding Customers

How does your marketing team find them? What is the buyer journey? Where can you learn about your customers?

  • Knowing Competitors

How do you define direct vs indirect competitors? How can you monitor their efforts?

  • Measuring Business

Welcome to the age of digital marketing, everything can be measured, so what should you measure? Know what's possible and which metrics to avoid and ignore and which ones to pay attention to.

Presented by Zack Olson, The Marketing Ref