Our office environments, where we typically spend upwards of 40+ hours a week, without a doubt has an impact on our bodies, minds, and overall health. With so much time spent working, it goes without saying that a work environment that is designed and promotes wellness contributes to the individuals who spend time there.

Research has revealed that your environment can increase or lessen stress levels, which in turn impacts our bodies. What you are seeing, hearing, or experiencing at any moment is changing not only your mood, but how your nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are working.

Creating the perfect environment is fundamental for you to thrive, focus and relax. It is a fact that our environment can affect our mood. Beautiful surroundings make us happier, more creative and productive. A vibrant, animated space with abundant natural lighting is therefore likely to give you both a physical and mental boost.

Combining the ability to move with open inviting work space can increase opportunities for an overflowing fountain of ideas and foster dynamic collaboration. Studies have shown that walking can lead to creative thinking and increase cognitive function.

Health and wellness and how those concepts affect work output is a growing conversation. Employees and employers alike are seeking spaces like Wellworth that are healthy as well as functional and sustainable. By implementing several of these items purposefully, everyone benefits.

**A recent study by CBRE found that wellness initiatives in buildings can improve employee performance by up to 45%. Healthy staff also means healthy profits. Read more about that study here.