The well-known phrase “two heads are better than one”  has been debated through the decades but it doesn’t take research to show that collectively as a group or team that the ability to solve problems or troubleshoot a scenario is stronger than if only one mind is doing all of the thinking.

Coworking in a nutshell is working independently, and yet together. You work in very close proximity with others which can be incredibly inspirational and boost your creativity. You can obtain advice and empowerment, brainstorm and gather new perspectives by chatting with the people around you on any given day.  By observing others and how they overcome obstacles you can increase a multitude of productivity factors.

You may be good at many things but admittedly don’t have a creative bone in your body. So what to do when you need a some branding or collateral? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew a graphic designer?  Well, there might be one sitting at a desk right next to you here at Wellworth. Coincidence?  Probably not.

In traditional offices, typically everyone who does similar work sits together, all the HR folk sit together and all the creatives sit together. More often than not, collaboration between these different departments is minimal, if any. In coworking environments, you may have a business consultant, sitting next to a graphic designer who is a few seats away from a copywriter. Each person fills a niche market need which may be valuable to you at some point in your business journey.

The diversity in the people utilizing coworking workplaces means there are a variety of skill sets to tap into and because of the wide range of businesses that are represented, referrals are a natural result.  Imagine the possibilities!