Wellworth’s new home in the historic 428/Woolworth’s building is without a doubt a part of its notable DNA but a larger layer of its character is shaped by more than its well-known street address. The city of St. Paul in a greater sense is where Wellworth calls home and hangs its hat and we are uber proud of that fact.

Did you know that Peanuts creator Charles Schulz is from St. Paul? Or that F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul and attended St. Paul Academy?

St. Paul is known as the smaller and more intimate sibling to Minneapolis and it is okay with that moniker. St. Paul has been likened by many to an east coast U.S. city or a European city with quaint neighborhoods and a vast collection of well-preserved architecture.

Its strengths include a highly educated and creative workforce, good infrastructure and a resilient economy. There are many spectacular differentiations that make the city of St. Paul a stand out, one of the bigger ones is its free-flowing accessibility. It is easy for people to get around downtown on foot, by bicycle, on public transit, or by car.

Downtown St. Paul is also more than just a place to do business. Many cities empty as the dinner hour approaches but St. Paul has renowned theater, arts and cultural events, world class museums, historic sites, a vibrant foodie, music and sports scene and was ranked #1 for its park system in 2015. It continues to invest in its commuter bikeway which connects downtown with the rest of the metro in every direction.

Wellworth’s neighbors are a diverse range of businesses and industries from medical, hospitality, insurance, financial services, entertainment, and technology sectors, including Fortune 500 (EcoLab) and Fortune 1000 (Securian Financial and Patterson Companies) headquarters.

You never know who you might bump elbows with while working at Wellworth or while running out to grab lunch. Professional connections are ripe for the picking. You just have to put yourself in a place most conducive for that. We like to say that Wellworth is well worth it in that regard.

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