Wellworth’s name is a play on the historic and iconic Woolworths building that lived at our address from the 1950s until its recent rebuild. Architectural features from the building’s heyday have been incorporated like signage, railings, fixtures and even the Woolworths lunch counter on our building’s ground floor.

The previously used retail space was converted into a modern office building including our 6,000 square feet of glassed-in coworking space on the 5th floor. All parties involved in its renovation desired to respect the character and the historic nature of the building while updating it for today’s business and professional needs.

Our name, Wellworth, is a homage to our lineage and namesake Woolworths as well as speaking to our mission of offering a coworking community and environment that emphasizes not only a dynamic workplace but one that believes in the power of wellness. So we designed ourselves to revolve and operate around those principles. Because, as we like to say, your wellness is worth it. Wellness of mind and body propels productivity, that is a fact. We could list a whole page of links to articles that support it. See below for a few.