What’s your local hidden gem? Is it a great walking trail? A random neighborhood with good vibes? A tiny museum? Speakeasy jazz club?

Over donuts and coffee on a recent Thursday morning, our Wellworth crew talked up the hidden gems they love to introduce people to. Spoiler: we love food! Some good food recs here, and more.

Some highlights:
Cold Front creamery
Bravis Mexican restaurant in Shakopee
Minnesota Harvest apple orchard
Marissa’s Bakery on Nicollet Ave
The Mudd Room in Mendota for cocktails
Simon’s Ravine trailhead in S. St Paul
Payne-Phalen neighborhood

I’m a local and I’m still discovering new-to-me places, and I love it.

What’s your hidden gem?? Comment with your fave or email tips @ wellworthcowork dot com.

List of Hidden Gems: Cold Front Creamery; Ellsworth Co-op Creamery; Simon's Ravine trailhead, South St Paul; Marissa's Bakery, Nicollet Ave; Bravis Mexican food, Shakopee; Minnesota Harvest apple orchard, Jordan; Jordan Supper Club; Angie's Kettlecorn; Big Yellow Barn - Huge candy store, Jordan; Stone Barn Pizza, Nelson, WI; Vino in the Valley; Big River Pizza; Payne-Phalen neighborhood - don't miss the Latin grocery; Strictly Mexican grocery, El Burrito Mercado on Cesar Chavez; Chimborazo Ecuadorian food, 29th and Central; Holy Land Deli; Osteria/Nonni; Nelson Cheee & Deli, St Paul; Mamma's Pizza, St PaulList of some of our Hidden Gems
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