When you’re a solopreneur, you stand apart from other business owners. Not only are you taking your ideas and making them a reality, but you’re also doing so without the aid of any partners or permanent employees. This gives you complete creative and practical control over every step of the process.
This is the perfect set up for the true individual worker, but running a business all on your own is serious work. It’s important to remember that solopreneurs can make their dreams come true these days thanks, in large part, to technology. The digital boom has made it easier than ever before to manage a business. Do you know what tech to turn to? Here’s a look:

Your Mobile Device
Your number one tool as a business owner just might be your mobile device. A few decades ago, only the especially tech-savvy even carried around a laptop. These days, nearly everyone has a fully functioning computer in their pocket at all times. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’ve got a top-of-the-line device. This way you can stay ahead of the curve and get the most out of your product.
Although it’s important to stay in touch with business contacts, your phone does more for your business than just make phone calls and receive texts. It also allows you to take great product photos, manage social media, and access apps that can keep your business running smoothly.
If you’re an Apple fan considering an upgrade, check out the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It has excellent battery life, a triple-camera system, and tons of business-friendly features such as face recognition, screen time productivity tracking, and customizable shortcuts. Android fan? Android Authority says to look to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, with an encryption option to keep sensitive data secure, and a handy stylus that allows you to literally take notes on your phone.

If you haven’t heard of software as a service or SaaS, get ready for one of the most useful things the market has to offer solopreneurs. SaaS companies create software that can do the work of a whole business team. For example, there are SaaS programs that serve as a marketing department by organizing, planning and scheduling social media posts.
You can use SaaS to manage freelance workers, track budgets, and gauge campaign success, among other tasks. Investigate some of the SaaS tools focused on small business owners to see which ones could help your venture succeed.

Online Marketplaces
If you’re selling a physical product, consider different online marketplaces to create a virtual sales space. There are all kinds of marketplaces online, from those that simply offer a way to list your product to those that actually provide inventory. All of these spaces will charge you to put your products online, and typically they take a cut of every sale. However, the ability to catch customers’ attention is usually well worth it.
Even brick-and-mortar companies like coffee shops or nomadic businesses such as craft fair artists can make the most of online marketplaces. You can use them to sell branded merchandise, old stock, custom pieces, and more. Examine the options to find one that balances price and features, and gives you the most favorable cut of the profits.

De-Stress Tech
Finally, you can use some forms of technology to keep your head on straight as you take on the challenges of running a business. For example, Mindful notes there are tons of meditation apps that teach you how to build mindfulness into your regular schedule. This keeps you less stressed, more creative, and less likely to burn out.
Running a business all on your own is an impressive dream, and a challenge you can take on with confidence. Explore the many solutions out there to find what’s right for your circumstances. When you take advantage of all of the tech available, you can see that dream come true!

Thank you to Courtney Rosenfeld for submitting this article.  
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